closet rehab

Rehab starts with a Q&A to understand you better. We will spend time with you in your closet amongst your nearest and dearest; edit, review fit, photograph outfits (for your personal online look book) and suggest items to round out and polish up a work-for-you wardrobe. We offer assistance in getting your tired clothing into the best hands for resale or charity.

personal shopping / styling

Will take you to our favorite shops or hand deliver great pieces to your front door and teach you how to style them with your existing wardrobe.

the curated closet

Like to shop from home? We will choose looks for you virtually through our website with links to buy and you can shop online, at your convenience. Will be refreshed throughout the season.
500. Flat fee.

pack it up

Packing Anxiety? We can help you pack the perfect combination for any destination to give you a stress free carry-on full of smart options.
200. Flat rate.

try us, you’ll like us!

Starter package: We will create 5 fresh looks using what you already have in your closet, from head to toe.
200. Flat rate. (1 time only)

style party

Custom Group events – Contact us